Voiceover Vocabulary

We hope you’ve been enjoying our weekly “Voiceover Vocabulary” posts on social media! Giving you some insight into the voiceover industry is our main goal – especially if you are working on a project with us (or are planning to). That being said, are you ready for some voiceover terms that start with “B”? Here you go:

back bed: Back bed is the musical conclusion of a jingle. This is where you typically hear information about a company’s contact information as well as any legal disclaimers.

background: Background is also known as background noise. It is heard behind the voiceover and typically consists of music or sound effects.

bleed: Noise from the headphones that is picked up by the microphone or other tracks.

board: An engineer-operated audio console.

boom: An overhead microphone stand.

booth: This is where a voiceover artist typically works. It’s an enclosed, soundproof room.

break up: Break up occurs when there is a distortion of vocal audio. This is typically caused by equipment problems.

buy: A buy is the take that is selected by the client as the best one to use.

Do you have a voiceover term that you would like us to tell you a little more about? Contact us and let us know. We’ll feature your question on our next blog!