professional translation services for gap


Gap was looking to further expand its services of retail clothing within France. In doing so, they would need to localize the new “Gap History” video that would be shown to all new employees. They needed professional translation services to get the job done. The company was seeking to work with a voiceover/translation production company to handle the translation and narration process that would reflect Gaps happy and creative vibe. The video needed to launch within a few weeks which meant an extremely sensitive deadline.

Check out the Gap video here!


All voices were required to sound young, upbeat and in unison with each other to reflect Gaps image. MAV held a specific casting call for a large number of the world’s top professional French voice talents for the project. Our talents and translators were able to convey the important aspects of Gap’s company culture. The end result? The client was extremely happy!


Gap was looking for professional translation services from a voiceover/translation production company to create a campaign which will represent its hip, modern, cutting edge designs and corporate culture.

Problem 1: No translation team

To localize the video, a professionally trained translator was required. The key was not only to know the language, yet to understand the concepts of fashion, hip culture and local taste in style to properly adapt Gap’s video.

Problem 2: No resources

This project demanded a large pool of voiceover talents, both male and female. Gap did not have the resources to set up a voiceover studio and to hold auditions.

How we helped Gap:

  • You needed professional translators to localize your product.
  • You needed voiceover talents and trained sound engineers to complete your project.
  • You needed your project to be finished within a time frame.

What made Metro stand above the competition?

We understand the importance of entertaining an audience. When having to recreate an English video for a foreign market, correct localization is imperative. A captivating video allows your viewer to better understand your message and become engaged in the program.

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