professional translation services for roombaiRobot had launched a new product and was looking to create a localized demonstration video in 10 languages. The client needed professional translation services and looked to collaborate with a single voiceover company capable of casting talents for all languages to be able to stay within budget and a set timeline.

Check out the iRobot video here!


Metro had presented the client with an extensive pool of talent in all 10 languages. The talents voices sounded professional and represented the “high tech” image iRobot wanted to portray. After selecting the voice talents, we worked closely with client’s team on managing all details such as scheduling, recording, and timing. Our client was extremely impressed with how professional and efficient this project turned out to be.


iRobot had developed a new cutting edge  product called the Roomba 600, a vacuum cleaning robot, and was looking to distribute the unit worldwide. The client required to produce demonstration videos in 10 languages. Having an established name in robot creation for home use, iRobot’s goal was to introduce its new cutting edge product along with a demonstration video that was just as innovative and high tech.

Problem 1: Large pool of tech sounding talents needed

Production required having a large pool of voiceover talents. These voices had to sound similar in range and timbre to follow company’s standards of “cutting edge” and “high tech”.

Problem 2: One company to provide all talents

In order to stay on budget, collaboration with a single voiceover production company capable of delivering a large pool of highly trained voice talents was imperative. The company originally had reached out to multiple voiceover companies, but was unable to find a sufficient number of languages to be recorded under one roof. This meant spending more money. On top of the cost issue, no other company was able to deliver the type of voice iRobot needed to represent their product.

How we helped iRobot:

  • You needed a large number of professionally trained voiceover talents who sound tech savy.
  • You needed a project be completed on time

What made Metro stand above the competition?

Metro AV stands above the competition by being able to produce high quality, large scale projects on time with top talents.

  • Large pool of voice talents in over 100 languages.
  • Voice talents are some of the highest trained, most professional individuals in the world.
  • Understand the importance of timing and budget.
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