professional translation services for mcps

The MCPS School System required localizing educational videos in multiple languages. The school system had a limited budget to work with and was looking to collaborate with an experienced voiceover/multimedia localization production company to help localize the programs.

Check out the MCPS video here!


Metro AV provided the experienced translators, language directors and a range of Spanish and Vietnamese voiceover talents, as per client’s request. On screen text was localized as subtitles to create a 100% foreign language version of each program. Our team was able to coordinate this project with MCPS’s production staff to produce an outstanding project in various languages on time and within budget. In addition to localization, we also recreated various sounds such as outdoor noises, ambient noises heard around a school, and children’s play. This made videos more realistic and very pleasant to watch, allowing viewers, especially children, to get more involved.


Our client was looking to localize bus safety educational videos into Spanish and Vietnamese. Located in Maryland, MCPS School had limited access to the top trained voiceover talents in reguired languages. The demand was for a female motherly, nurturing sounding voice to represent a responsible bus driver and a number of upbeat voices for other actors. Localized on screen graphics and a total sound effect and music track recreation  was required. In addition, this project called for hiring a language director, responsible for scheduling, holding talent castings and monitoring recordings.

Problem 1: No language and sound professionals on staff.

The client  did not have professional language directors, foreign language trained engineers, or graphis designers on staff to properly produce a localized video.

Problem 2: Foreign language speaking actors.

The client could not locate any local professionally trained Spanish and Vietnamese voice talents.

How we helped MCPS:

  • You needed professional language  directors and foreign language trained audio and video engineers to localize your project.
  • You needed professional voice talents.
  • You needed to create a quality project with limited budget.

What made Metro stand above the competition?

MAV stands above the competition by providing a wide range of specialized multimedia localization services. We employ qualified, trained professionals, who have years of experience in localization of multimedia. We also understand the importance of setting a budget and staying within.

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