Sony Computer Entertainment produced a new game and was looking to release it worldwide. The client was looking to release 30 second national commercials in Brazilian Portuguese, Latin Spanish, and French Canadian.  In order to have the best  commercials for the international markets, the client had to collaborate with a foreign language specialized multimedia production company with a large pool of voiceover talent, and skilled sound engineers.

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This project required to cast multiple young sounding female voiceover talents to voice the role of the main character, a 16 year old. These voices had to sound similar to the original English speaking actress, who had a soft, yet mature voice. We held multiple auditions and choose the best sounding actresses to present to our client. We were also required to created music and sound effects that corresponded to actions in the commercials.


Playstation 3 created a new game called Last of Us, an action-adventure survival horror video game. The client had a problem finding young voiceover talents to narrate one of the main characters, Ellie. Ellie is a 16 year old girl whose voice is soft, yet mature. Foreign speaking actress had to sound similar to the original Ellie. It wasn’t an easy task, since client was looking to narrate the game in multiple languages and all voices had to be to the highest standard.

Problem 1: Voice resemblances in actresses

The project had to be narrated in Brazilian Portuguese, Latin Spanish and Canadian French. Because all actresses had to sound similar, Playstation had to work with one voiceover production company who could properly supervise the auditions and understand the direction that PS wanted to go. Originally, the client tried working with multiple small voiceover companies, but faced difficulties trying to find similar voiced actresses in multiple languages.

Problem 2: Music and sound effects creation

The client’s goal was not only to work with a voiceover company. The company they choose also had to have knowledge of working with music and sound effects.

How we helped Playstation:

  • You needed to collaborate with a voiceover production company that has a large pool of voiceover talents of various voices and age ranges.
  • You needed to work with a company that has a team of trained sound and video engineers.
  • You needed to stay on budget and work with multifunctional production company to produce your project under one roof.

What made Metro stand above the competition?

Metro Audio and Video stands above the competition by employing a team of creative and talented people, who thrive to create an outstanding production. We know the importance of  a quality production and we make sure we present our clients with the best available market resources. We constantly search for the best voice talents and new ways to improve production.

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