The client did not have a creative team in place and to create one would take time and money. Victoria’s Secret needed a team that could provide professional translation services such as video editing and graphic design to “bring the dream to life”, quickly.

Check out the Victoria’s Secret video here!


Metro AV greatly simplified the process for client, delivered a cutting edge video, on time and within budget.


Victoria’s Secret teamed up with one of the world’s largest talent agencies, Modelina, to create a video that showcased some of the agency’s top talent that were featured in the 2009 Victoria’s Secret fashion show. The job requirement was to create a cutting edge, video that featured all of the models.

Problem 1: No post-production team

8 hours of raw video footage were to be combined into  a 2 minute video ,which requires creative direction. VS did not have a creative team in place for this post production. VS had a bit of a mess to deal with regarding all the raw video footage, but no creative team to make it a reality. Metro was one of the few companies that had the confidence to take on this complicated project on a tight deadline.

Problem 2: Time is of the essence

It would take years to assemble a creative team that is needed to pull of this video.

For VS, didn’t make sense for them to have the overhead of having a full time staff in house, outsourcing to MAV was  feasible for their budget. Metro had the team already in place, could execute in timely manner, within budget.

How we helped Victoria’s Secret:

  • You have camera people. You do not have a creative director.
  • You have raw footage, but you lack the in house creative that executes the project. Do you hire? Or subcontract? Hiring gives you control, subcontracting keeps costs manageable.

What made Metro stand above the competition?

Quick turn-around times, keeping costs low, meeting budgets. We are a one stop shopping – full plug n play creative team ready to delivered a polished product.

  • They need a person who brings a creative vision – a synergistic team with a unified vision.
  • Not a money issue, its about the creative talent and team of individuals.
  • You can’t hire a creative team full time due to money crunch and have to move towards sub contracting
  • You are not hiring a creative person/people; you are hiring a creative team.
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