Microsoft’s Xbox department developed a new instant messaging product and was looking to produce a demonstration video to be shown in retail stores across the country. This video would be created by Microsoft’s video production department, yet the company planned to outsource the portion of the job that required creating cutting edge motion graphics and animations. The Xbox team demanded a creative post production company with years of experience in animation and motion graphics.

Check out the Xbox video here!


MAV worked closely with Xbox team to recreate templates, images, and text boxes that would be shown on the Xbox console. Once templates were created, Metro animated text and objects to replicate the results of one using the keyboard to send messages. The client was so impressed by our expertise that they also contracted us to create the music track and edit the piece to the video.


Xbox has launched a new game controller with an instant messenger kit and sought to present it worldwide. In order to have the best visual demonstration video of the new product,  client needed to collaborate with a production company that has years of experience dealing with animation as well as highly trained sound and video engineers on staff.

Problem 1: No animation team

The client needed to produce a high quality, captivating video, but did not have an animation team in place as a part of  its video department. Also, Xbox ‘s team knew the importance of first impression and about limited time frame to impress a viewer when he/she walked by the demonstration at a retail store.

Problem 2: No music production capability

The client needed to create a music track and edit the track to the video. The client did not have music production capabilities.

How we helped Xbox:

  • You needed to produce high quality and creative animations.
  • You needed to create a music track and edit the piece to the video.

What made Metro stand above the competition?

Metro AV stands above the competition by having professionals who are not only trained in sound and video engineering, yet, also have years of experience in animating and production.

  • Have extensive experience in sound and video engineering, as well as animation.
  • Teaming with all these professionals under one roof, we are able to produce your project within a shorter period of time and with lower costs.
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