Tim GiardinaPresident

Tim Giardina began his career as a sound engineer and rapidly became familiar with video and motion graphics production and the localization industry. Tim’s first job was working in the foreign language multimedia localization industry while he was receiving his degree in audio production. Today, his team of skilled engineers and producers have allowed Metro Audio and Video to revolutionized the need to produce multimedia for a global audience. Clients no longer have to go to multiple studios or localization companies in a variety of cities or countries to complete a project. Over the years, Tim has developed and maintained a group of over 3000 professionally trained voice talents and linguists, in over 130 languages – a task he takes great pride in creating. Metro strives to locate the worlds best voices and linguistic providers and make them available to all clients seeking professional services. As a producer/director/engineer, Tim actively participates in all Metro AV productions to ensure a proper workflow, and to guarantee that all engineers work to deliver only the highest quality products. Tim graduated from SAE Institute with a degree in audio production and John Jay College with a degree in English.

Maya Tsirulnik – VP of Sales

Maya Tsirulnik is Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Her extensive background dealing with digital marketing and multimedia localization brings unparalleled knowledge and expertise to Metro Audio and Video. As one of Metro’s first employees, Maya has played an instrumental role in creating and formalizing the company’s sales strategy and structure. Prior to Metro, Maya held finance positions for leading multimedia production companies dealing with localization and translation. Maya graduated from Baruch College with degrees in business administration and finance.

Brad Schmitz

Senior Project Manager
Metro Audio and Video

Alistair Sim

Head Audio/Video Engineer

Mark Giardina

Sound/Video Engineer

Chris Bailey

Head Subtitling/Captioning Engineer

Jim Wright

Graphic/Flash Engineer
Metro Audio and Video