translation-aaOne of the most important elements in a successful organization is the ability to keep employees informed. In order to do this, a company must communicate clearly. As you may very well know, this has become a challenge for companies that have employees across the globe, as language barriers can easily get in the way. That’s where Metro AV comes in. We’re industry leaders in human resources translation services.

Not only do we provide 100% accurate human resources translations, but we also localize them to ensure they meet the cultural nuances and dialects of your intended audience. We know that when it comes to your HR documents, there’s no room for mistakes. An error in a form or manual could be embarrassing… and even costly. That’s why we have a thorough translation process in place, which guarantees your document is error-free and retains your original message. Every translation we work on goes through multiple reviews by language experts who have years of human resources experience. Our streamlined process still enables us to provide you with a translation that meets your expected deadlines and budget.

From training manuals and management policies to employee newsletters and benefits packages, we make sure that every one of your employees understands your message. And, because we can translate your documents into more than 125 languages, we’re a cost-efficient partner for projects that need translations into multiple languages.

Human Resources Translations For Every Type Of Project

We provide the following human resources translations:

  • Policies
  • Forms
  • Employment Applications
  • Newsletters
  • Manuals
  • Handbooks
  • Safety Documents
  • Employee Review Forms
  • Training Materials

Let’s Get Started On Your Human Resources Translations

Communication is the key to success, so don’t wait to get on the same page as your employees. Ready to begin? Contact us today for a quote on your project!