What’s the most important element of a global marketing strategy? Is it the way content is written? The graphics? The video? There’s no doubt that all of these things are incredibly important. Yet, there’s one particular thing that tops all of them: Having your audience understand your message. We know you’re thinking, “What?! Of course our audience is going to understand our message. We had it translated into every language out there.” Maybe so – but did you have it localized?

If you’re rubbing your head wondering exactly what a localization strategy is, you aren’t alone. Many people outside of the translation industry don’t recognize the term, yet it’s one of the key components of a solid global marketing plan.


Localization – What is it?
In simple terms, localization is adapting text to a particular region or culture. Just because someone in Mexico speaks Spanish, it doesn’t mean that someone in Columbia is going to understand the same version of it. Every culture is different, with its own dialects, cultural standards and social conventions. In fact, a statement intended to be comical in one language may be offensive in another! So if you have content that you want to get out to your global audience, it’s best to always protect your brand by using localization.

How does Metro AV localize my content?
The good news is that you don’t have to be a localization strategy expert to make your project a success. You surely have enough to do when you’re running a business! Here at Metro Audio & Video, we’re known throughout our industry for being the best of the best. We research your target audiences and focus on several factors including their age, range, language dialects and cultural norms. Our team consists of native speaking translators for every language. They’ll take your content to the next level and ensure that your audience understands it 100% of the time.

Not only will we translate your text, but we’ll also adapt any graphics, video or other data that you have to fit the project. The steps that we take in the localization process include:

  • Assessment of the material received, including existing documents, previous translations or translation memory file
  • Evaluation of the tools and resources required for localization
  • Cultural, linguistic and technical assessment
  • Research of cultural norms and nuances of the target market
  • Analysis of acceptable versus unacceptable terminology used in source that is not acceptable in localized version
  • Translation of documents, scripts, graphics and any other aspects of the product based off of research
  • Linguistic and functional quality assurance

What kind of localization projects does Metro AV specialize in?
Our localization services are only limited by your imagination! Whatever type of project you have, we can handle it from start to finish. Whether you’re a small company or a global giant, we are the experts to call. Some examples of our services are:

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