Metro Audio and Video is a professional language translation agency specializing in language translation services, localization, voice over services,  recording for audio and voice, and subtitling. Our translation services help you develop the global commercials, websites, video games, training videos, software, and document translations you need to be successful on a global scale.

1. Translation Services

website translation services to deliver your message in 135 languages
Translation Services >
Translation Services: Our affordable translation services, with a the added benefit of localization of dialects, will help you expand your business to reach customers on a global scale.

2. eLearning

elearning is about understanding and that means localization
e-Learning Localization >eLearning Localization: If your business has online courses or training materials, we can help you adapt your courses for eLearners around the world.

3. Voice Over Services

with the right voice over language, your viewers understand
Voice Over Services >Voice Over Services: We have a team of talented voice over actors in a variety of languages ready to help your business adapt its audio to reach customers in the US and beyond.

4. Subtitling Services

you need professional subtitling services
Subtitling Services >Subtitling: We go beyond mere dialogue. We provide broadcast-quality subtitling and captions for both digital and analog video, including adaptation of signs and other text within a video as it relates to the plot.

5. Graphics and Multimedia

professional translation services for graphics
Graphics Services >Graphics: We can help you translate your print and graphic materials to be distributed on a global scale.

Other Services