eLearning localizationToday, more and more companies are branching out by opening international offices around the world to serve the global economy. Providing training to people in countries where English is not their first language has rapidly turned into a challenge, and e-Learning localization is becoming increasingly important.

At Metro, we understand the e-Learning challenges.

We set out to be a global leader in providing e-learning localization and production services to the e-learning world. Whether games, quizzes, tests, simulations, videos, animations, audio and graphics are included in your e-learning course, we can produce them in English, or localize them in any language imaginable. Our expertise in such e-learning softwares as Articulate, Lectura and customized Flash, combined with our high quality translation, graphics and voiceover production services make us the ultimate one-stop shop for anyone looking to produce or localize an e-learning course.

Our e-learning services encompass a wide variety of course types and styles and include, but are not limited to:

  • Complete production of English language courses
  • Analyzing and preparing scripts for translation and audio narration based off of client supplied English source
  • Translation of on screen text and voiceover material
  • Third-party linguistic testing and review of translations
  • Audio narration and voiceover recording
  • Engineering and integration of translated content and voice over into the course authoring tool and providing separate or one package of courses
  • QA and third-party linguistic testing of the final product

Many times courses are developed without keeping in mind that it may be localized eventually. In these situations, we can offer many solutions, ranging from reproducing the course to allow for proper localization, or simply using supplementary options such as subtitles or additional voiceover.

Being experts in multimedia localization, we have the ability to produce e-learning courses in over 100 languages, including all European languages, Asian languages and right to left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

Contact us today to get a quote for translating, dubbing and converting your existing English language courses to over 100 languages.