Because Communication is a Visual Medium

These days, communication is far more visual that textual. We prefer to get information in an easy, attractive way. Why read 10 pages of content when you can watch a video? With technology allowing for us to communicate faster, easier, and creatively, reaching our global audience no longer just requires simple text translations.

No, in order to truly globalize your message, you need multimedia localization. Metro Audio and Video can help.

Pioneers In A Cutting Edge Field

Never before has it been so easy to reach all four corners of the world than it is today. Localization helps businesses connect to their international audiences by delivering content that factors in more than just language. For Metro, multimedia localization includes careful consideration of:

  • Imagery
  • Color choice
  • Typography
  • Audio
  • Aesthetics (even the apparel worn by on-screen talent)
  • Incorporating cultural aspects
  • And so much more

As pioneers of this field, Metro has compiled a diverse pool of language professionals representing more than 150 languages. These translators work hand-in-hand with our production engineers to create a localized multimedia project that will deliver your message with an impact to your audience.

All That Goes Into Localizing Multimedia

The process of localizing multimedia for an international audience is complex. It requires the expertise of trained engineers, as well as access to a state-of-the-art production studio designed specifically for localization.

Metro’s production studio, located in the heart of NYC, is fitted to handle all of your multimedia localization needs, including:

Voice overs
Website localization
• Video and audio production
• Gaming localization
• Animation localization

We Assign You A Trained Language Professional

We assign a trained language professional to serve as supervisor of your task. This language professional will have an expertise in your language of choice, as well as your specific industry, and will offer guidance and feedback throughout the process. Alongside the production engineer, the language professional will pay special attention to the work being done by the voice talent, subtitle specialist or other localization expert to be certain that not even one word is out of place.

Yet, in the end, it’s the package as a whole that must convey your message. There has to be a cohesiveness between the project and the translation. At Metro, we assess your project once it’s completed, to make sure that it’s not only translated accurately, but that is serves its purpose: to inform and connect to your audience.

Speak To Your 21st Century Audience, Without Language Barriers

Today’s average consumer is a product of the digital age. With one touch of a button we can connect with audiences across the globe. This type of potential is exciting, but also poses some obstacles.

Despite becoming more connected, the world’s population remains widely diverse. Language barriers still exist, preventing businesses from effectively reaching wider audiences.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Metro, we don’t just translate your message. We make it relevant to your audience, no matter what language they speak, and no matter what format your message is in.

Learn how we can localize your multimedia projects today.