Software Localization Services

softBeing able to adapt your computer software to different languages and cultural nuances is a vital step toward expanding your reach as a business. Metro Audio and Video is a NYC-based software localization company that specializes in making your software speak to an international audience.

Software localization goes beyond simple translations. In order to truly reach a foreign market, you must apply the culture, dialects, social conventions and legal standards into your expansion. Metro Audio and Video provides an all-encompassing localization service that ensures your final product is not only in the language of your user, but truly speaks to your intended audience.

How we provide unsurpassed software localization

Before we even translate one word or term, we do thorough research of your foreign market. It’s not enough to provide a broad-language translation. Each country and region has its own dialects, social norms and more. We get to know your intended audience so that we know how to speak to them.

When providing software localization, we factor in more than just translating text. Your software also includes other features such as color choice, fonts, and graphics. While blue, in the US, is often related to trust, this might not be the case in a different country. We consider every aspect of your software during the localization process so that your final product has the same intended purpose as it does in your own market.