Website Localization Services

The Internet, and therefore your website, has become the primary source for people to access information or services. The moment you create a website, your business has just gone global. Localizing your website to target local languages and cultures around the world helps you stand out among others and increases your chances of winning over new customers. Metro Audio and Video is a website localization company based out of NYC with the resources and expertise to help your website speak to a global audience.

Top 10 Internet Languages

You’re losing marketshare, if you’re not localized.

Localizing every aspect of your website

The first thing you consider when expanding your website to foreign markets is to translate text. While this is an absolutely vital step of your localization efforts, it’s by no means the only one. When we localize your website, we look at every piece of your site, from images to layout design, color schemes and more. We work hard to preserve your message and image by making all necessary changes in order to fit your site into the cultural differences found in countries across the globe.

People from other cultures have strong feelings about colors, symbols, and metaphors. While your logo may be effective at home, it could send the wrong message overseas. We sift through every pixel of your site to ensure your message is conveyed the way you intended it to be, no matter what audience you’re hoping to reach. We do this by working closely with you on your vision and expectations, while thoroughly researching the culture and social nuances of the audience you’re expanding to. Through this extensive work we provide a final product that represents your branding the way you want, targeted toward any country throughout the world.