SubtitlingMetro Audio and Video provides broadcast-quality subtitles and captions (both open and closed) for digital or analog video. Our professionals can help to ensure that your subtitles are delivered in a format (including text and timing) that professionally represents your project. All projects are supervised by a Metro Audio and Video producer, but are executed by a language professional. All subtitling jobs are reviewed as well by language specialists.

We can subtitle in any format: .mov, .wmv, .mp4, DV Cam, Digi Beta, HD formats, film, or DVD; and do so in any language. For more information, see below.

Types of subtitling

When it comes to subtitling there are 2 distinct ways to output files, and each way requires a different process. It is important to double check with your client to see what they expect back. Here is a description:

Open caption subtitling

This is the process of “burning subtitles to screen”.  If you choose to go this way, you will receive back a video with subtitles that CAN NOT be turned on or off. This is the best way to go if you wish to play your video with the subtitles permanently on. If the video is to be viewed by an audience that does not speak English, it makes sense to keep it simple:  the video is put in the player and it plays with the subtitles. Read more on our open captioning service.

Closed caption subtitling

Closed caption subtitle files can be used for DVD authoring or other web multimedia platforms such as Quicktime, Real Player, Hulu, YouTube and many more. and allows the users to turn on or turn off the subtitle track at their own will. This is a great option if you wish to have multiple subtitle tracks for one video/film whether on the web or disk. Read more on our closed captioning service.

Closed Caption Delivery Formats

We can deliver a wide variety of formats, please see below.

Web Formats
QuickTime (mov, smil/txt)
iTunes / iPod / iPhone (m4v)
Windows Media Player (sami/asx)
Microsoft Silverlight (xml)
Adobe Flash (Timed Text xml, cue points xml)
Captionate Flash (xml)
RIT Flash (xml)
JW Flash Player (Text xml)
Hulu (smi)
YouTube (srt)
VideoLan VLC (srt)
RealPlayer (smil/rt)
PowerPoint (sami)
Camtasia (camproj)
Caption and Subtitle
Cheetah .cap
Cheetah .asc
Ultech .ult
Dual-language .ult
CPC .cap
CPC .onl
Telestream FlipFactory (scc)
FlipFactory subtitles (pac)
Rhozet Carbon (scc)
DV2000/ITV Injector subtitles (usf/uyc)
DV3000/HDE-3000 subtitles (usf/uyc)
EBU Teletext (stl)
DVD Authoring
Apple DVD Studio Pro (scc, son/tif, stl, stl/tif)
Adobe Encore (txt, fab/tif)
Sonic Scenarist (scc, sst/tif)
Sonic Producer (txt)
Sonic ReelDVD (son/tif)
Sonic Fusion/Creator (son/tif, cc)
Roxio DVDit (txt)
Spruce Maestro (scc, stl, stl/tif)
Pinnacle Impression (txt/bmp)
Sony DVD Architect (txt)
Avid DVD (txt)

If you are not sure how to begin a subtitling project, we can help. Our team will help you transcribe tapes, translate language, input text and produce the final product. If you need your message translated, we can seamlessly integrate the language into the video. We also offer fully authored DVDs with the option to include multiple subtitle tracks. It’s that easy to ensure that your video is properly subtitled.

Chinese subtitling sample produced by Metro AV: