We GUARANTEE a 100% accuracy to all clients.

Our Accurate Captions process makes it happen.

Offering a 100% guarantee when it comes to captioning and subtitling takes guts, we admit, but we stand by our words, thanks to our Accurate Captions process.

What is Accurate Captions?

Accurate Captions is a rigorous process we require all projects to go through before we send these projects back to our clients.

The Rigorous Process:

  1. Pairing you with a dedicated project manager. By having your own personal project manager, you can ensure not only that your project will be looked after through every step of the process, but that you have someone you can always contact with any questions or concerns.
  2. Matching you with a captioner who has an expertise in your language and niche. Whether you need one language or several, we at Metro have a large team of language professionals representing more than 150 languages. Each of these captioners have training and a level of expertise is certain industries and niches. We make sure your captioner is ideally suited for your needs.
  3. We pass your project through a proofreading team. At Metro, we believe the more people who proof a project, the better for our clients, which is why we have a team of proof readers who specialize in an eye for detail.
  4. Lastly, we ensure that your project, as a whole, is assessed for quality. This includes the entire flow and presentation, as well as any technical glitches. Nothing short of perfection leaves our production studio.