Closed CaptioningThe offline closed captioning services we provide at Metro Audio and Video benefit from the expertise of our production engineers and professional linguists, leaving you no doubt that the final product you receive is exactly what you expected. With the use of our state-of-the-art facility in NYC, we’re able to provide you a perfectly timed captioning service that includes every spoken word, sound effect and tone of voice. And, with a team of translators representing more than 150 languages, we can handle most open captioning projects.

Formats we provide open captioning for

As with all closed captioning services, users will be able to turn on and off the captions of a video. That’s because closed captioning exists on a separate track that we output into virtually any format, for your convenience. Our offline closed captioning service is available in a variety of formats, including…

QuickTime, iTunes/iPod/iPhone, Windows Media Player, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, Captionate Flash, RIT Flash, JW Flash Player, Hulu, YouTube, VideoLan VLC, RealPlayer, PowerPoint, Camtasia project file, and virtually any subtitled video file format.

DVD subtitling is a great option if you’re in need of having multiple subtitling tracks for one video for film.

What is offline closed captioning?

At Metro Audio and Video, we provide only offline closed captioning, as opposed to what’s known as “real-time” closed captioning. Offline closed captioning is what one might find on DVDs, or at the bottom of a web-based video (think of YouTube). Real-time closed captioning, on the other hand, is what you’d find during a broadcast television programming. It’s when the captioning takes place on the spot.

Accuracy with closed captioning

At Metro Audio and Video, we take accuracy very seriously. While we’re proud of the level of quality of our production, our closed captioning services would not be as effective if not for our Accurate Captions testing, where your project goes through a rigorous process to ensure 100% linguistic (and production) accuracy.