Open Captions

As a pioneer in multimedia localization, Metro Audio and Video has become a trusted leader in providing open caption services for both digital and analog video. Our team of production engineers and language professionals work together to ensure a final product that is precise and perfect in both sound quality and translation.

Open Caption sample produced by Metro AV:

open captions

With our open captioning, the Metro team will burn your subtitles directly onto the video, so that your users will not have the option to turn on or off the subtitles. This is particularly ideal if you’re sending your final project to an audience that does not speak English (or your target language), as this will simplify matters for them.

Formats we provide open captioning for

Although users will not have the choice to turn on or off their open captions, you have complete choice in how and where you’ll place your subtitled video – DVD, Beta SP, HD, Blu Ray – in the end the choice is yours. We offer our open captioning services for all tape formats and technology platforms, including high definition.

And, with a team of translators representing more than 150 languages, we’re sure to be able to provide you a complete project, no matter your needs.

An open caption project with 100% accuracy

All of our subtitling and captioning services undergo our Accurate Captions test, which is a rigorous process to ensure that your final product is exactly what you expect it to be. This includes having several linguistic professionals oversee and review your project, matching you with captioners that have experience not only with you chosen languages but also within your niche, as well as providing you a project manager to make sure that the entire process runs smoothly and without issue.

Open captions for the 21st century

With our all-digital facility, Metro Audio and Video is able to provide you captioning services in full HD, featuring secure encoding, and multiple language HD subtitling. We continue to pave the way for captioning and subtitling services and, with our state-of-the-art facility located in NYC, we’re poised to provide you a complete service for your open caption needs.