As one of the fastest growing regions in the world, China has not only become a superpower, but has also cemented itself an inevitable area to conduct business in for any one looking to expand globally. But it’s not just about conducting business in China. Chinese-speaking people are found in all four corners of the world, meaning it is inevitable that you’ll require Chinese subtitling services at some point.

At Metro Audio and Video, our team of production engineers and Chinese language translators can provide you with high-quality Chinese subtitles for any type of project.

Localizing your Chinese subtitles

When we say we provide Chinese subtitling to clients, we mean that we truly do offer the diversity that is the Chinese language, including:

  • Mandarin Subtitling
  • Cantonese Subtitling
  • Taiwanese Subtitling

Chinese subtitling sample produced by Metro AV:

Within each of these sublanguages exists regional dialects as well. These dialects represent social status, religion and more. If you need your project localized to a specific region, our Chinese linguists can make it happen.

Teamed with our production engineers from the start of the project, our language professionals oversee the translation process from start to end. This not only ensures accuracy of the translations, but also ensures that the final product is presented in a clean, professional and appropriate manner.

Our subtitling services are available as closed caption subtitling or as superimposed subtitles burned directly onto the video. Our DVD subtitles and caption files can be imported into any major DVD authoring system, including Sony, Sonic, Apple, and more.

Contact us to learn more about our Chinese subtitling services.