As the population and influence of the Middle East continues to expand, there is a growing percentage of the world’s inhabitants that speaks Farsi, also known as Persian. The complexity of Farsi makes it a particularly difficult language to translate and convert into usable subtitles. However, as a leader in multimedia localization, Metro Audio and Video has the experienced staff, production studio, and equipment to provide you with Persian subtitles for your project.

Farsi subtitling sample produced by Metro AV:

Persian subtitles with accuracy

The Persian language is spoken by the people of Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and many other countries that have been influenced by Persian culture. In total, there are more than 110 million Persian speakers worldwide, with many speakers spreading across the globe. As such, when your project requires the use of subtitles for this growing Farsi population, it’s absolutely important that your translations take into consideration the specific and regional influences of your target audience.

In the Middle East, in particular, political and religious influences greatly affect the dialect of a language. The misuse of words or phrases could insult your audience, rather than convey your message.

As a leader in multimedia localization for Middle Eastern languages such as Farsi, Metro Audio and Video is equipped to handle any problem or obstacle that arises during the production and translation process. Our team of engineers and language professionals ensure complete accuracy as well as a high-quality production value, so that your subtitling project is ready for TV, film DVD or for the web.