One of the most popular languages to be subtitled is Spanish. Spanish subtitling can be found on movies, online videos, eLearning courses and much more. As a leader in subtitling services, Metro Audio and Video provides clients with professional quality Spanish subtitles created in our state-of-the-art NYC studio.

Each of our subtitling projects is overseen by a production engineer as well as a language professional. This ensures that every project we give back to our clients is 100% accurate, and produced with absolute precision.

Spanish subtitling sample produced by Metro AV:

The world speaks Spanish.

Spanish is the overarching language the represents a variety of types of Spanish, including Mexican, South American, and European. Even with South American Spanish there are various dialects (Colombian, Bolivian, and more). Being able to pinpoint the correct type of Spanish for your specific project requires the expertise of a well-trained Spanish subtitle expert.

However, being able to then make those translated subtitles work within a specific project requires the expertise of a production engineer who has experience with language subtitling.

Both engineers and subtitling experts.

At Metro, we don’t do half the job – we do the entire project. Our team is made up of both engineers and subtitling experts who have worked with translating projects representing more than 100 languages.

Each of our language experts has a specific industry expertise, allowing us to match you with a subtitler who is well-versed in your niche. With our enormous wealth of resources, and our advanced production studio, we’re poised to provide you with Spanish subtitles that will meet your expectations and help enhance your project.