Whenever we embed or encode captions or subtitles…

Whenever we embed or encode captions or subtitles into your video, we’ll need a master video, which requires certain specifications, as follows:

  • The program must be ready to air
    1. Be sure to check the tape specifications
    2. Be aware that Metro Audio/Video clones/dubs your master straight across, thus we cannot be held responsible for off-spec masters.
    3. We urge you not to send us your original master. Make a clone or dub to send to us, so that you can protect yourself from potential damage or loss during shipping.
    4. Metro Audio/Video does not offer technical evaluations. If your presenting network does requires a competed technical evaluation form, you may include this form with your master, and we’ll forward it with the captioned master.
    5. We cannot fix off-spec masters, and will request fixed master if necessary.
  • Have locked pictures, audio and supers
  • Be sure the master is free of hits and distortion
  • Supply bars and tone that match the program video and audio
  • Provide SMPTE drop frame timecode if this is for broadcast. If your master is a NTSC non-drop frame, indicate this on the label
  • Provide continuous LTC (longitudinal time code) on the timecode (address) track
  • VITC on lines indicated by the network (generally 14 & 16 or 16 & 18)

Our Suggested Audio Mix

Mono Audio mix:

– Track 1 = primary program audio
– Track 2 = duplicate mono audio

Stereo audio mix:

– Track 1 = left channel stereo
– Track 2 = right channel stereo

Recommended Master Tape Formats

NTSC Standard Definition Formats:

  • Digital Betacam
  • Betacam SP
  • mniDV
  • DVCPro
  • DVCPro 50

ATSC High Definition Formats:

  • DVCProHD – LP
  • HDCAM SR 4:2:2
  • (we currently do not work with 4:4:4)

*Other formats may incur additional fees and time. Learn more by contact us directly.

How to ship your master videos

Ship to:

  • Attention: Project Manager
    Metro Audio & Video
    240 85th St.
    Brooklyn, NY 11209

For hard drive delivery, contact your project manager.

If you currently don’t have a project manager, request a quote from us now.