Certified Translation Services

certHow can you be certain that the translation you’re provided is complete, accurate, and captures the exact message of your original intent? Certified translations offer this assurance. Metro Audio & Video is a NYC-based translation company that provides certified translations in more than 130 languages, giving you the peace of mind you deserve that your translation is not only accurate, but is recognized by U.S. officials, courts and academic institutions.

Accuracy is paramount

Mistranslations aren’t only a hassle. They can refute the validity of documents ranging from patent filings, financial reports, business agreements, immigration-related documents, court transcripts and more. Having your important documents undergo a certified translation will help your audience (be it judges, lawyers, stakeholders, etc.) accept the translation as valid and accurate.

Translators who offer certified translations are acknowledging that they are expert in both the source and target language, and are agreeing that the translation they provided is complete and accurate. The certified translation process is a legally binding record that U.S. officials, courts and institutions recognize.

130 languages – experts in your industry

At Metro we have a team of translators fluent in more than 130 languages. Beyond that, our translators have in-depth knowledge of the cultural nuances of their specific languages. Furthermore, we’ve ensured that our translators are experts in a variety of industries, including medical, legal, financial, government and more. This ensures that the certified translation we provide for you is in the proper tone that’s appropriate for your intended audience.

Your certified translation should capture your message and relay it to your targeted audience in a manner that they understand. At Metro, we provide certified translations that help you get your message across.