Taiwanese Chinese Translation Services

It takes a truly proficient translator, knowledgeable of both language and culture, to provide an accurate Taiwanese translation. Metro Audio and Video has a team of expert translators in more than 130 languages, making us a leader in Chinese-Taiwanese translation services.

Taiwanese – a language in its own class

Many people assume that the language spoken in Taiwan is standard Chinese. But this isn’t the case. Taiwanese Hokkien (or Hokio) is spoken by around 70% of the population of Taiwan, as well as in other areas such as the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. Though it’s often times seen as a Chinese dialect, it is not mutually intelligible with Standard Chinese. This means that a native Chinese speaker from Beijing may have difficult understanding someone from Taiwan.

But what does this mean for your translations? What this means is that you can’t employ the services of a general Chinese translator if you’re targeting a Taiwanese market. Beyond just language barriers, there are also cultural implications. At Metro, we ensure that all of our translators are well studied in the cultures and social aspects of the languages they are expert in. Translations aren’t just about exchanging one word for another. A translator’s goal is to capture your original message, and relay it to your target audience in a language and manner that they’ll understand, without compromising your original intent.

At Metro, we employ the use of human translators, along with our state-of-the-art recording and production studio located in the heart of NYC, to provide you proficient Taiwanese translations that convey your message and speak to your audience.

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