Metro Audio and Video is an industry-leading professional European French translation company.  We offer high-quality, localized European French translation services. Our professional European French translation specialists can help with all of your production and post-production needs to communicate your message accurately.

European French translation and voice over project for iRobot produced by Metro AV


European French

European French is the official language of 29 countries and is the only language taught in every part of the world with over 110 million native speakers.  The largest multimedia market for European French Translation is for France and its growing economy. Due to such a large number of native speakers, a growing number of businesses turn to Metro Audio and Video for their European French translation needs.

voice-over-microphone Listen to European French voice samples

French from Belguim, Switzerland, Luxembourg

Outside of France, the highest numbers of European French speakers are found in, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Recently, the UN identified French as the second most spoken language in Europe, after German. Twenty percent of non-France Europeans know how to speak French, totaling over 140 million people in Europe alone.

voice-over-microphone Listen to Luxembourgish French voice samples

Metro Audio and Video is highly experienced with European French translations and can assist you as you plan and execute your next translation project.  Our translation services have rapidly expanded as digital media changes the way we communicate globally.  We understand your unique translation needs and provide proficient European French translators to ensure your message is delivered accurately.

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