Professional foreign language services


As technology makes it easier for us to speak with anyone across the globe, there’s a growing need for foreign language translation services. In order to reach your target audience in different countries around the world, you have to be able to speak their language.

Don’t even think about using online translators

While there are some online tools available for simple translations, these applications cannot accurately translate the material you have in the way professionally trained translators employed at Metro can.

Metro Audio & Video has a team of translators capable of translating in more than 130 languages, whether your project involves print, video, or the web. From one-page documents to complex legal documents, subtitles and more, we provide accurate and timely translations that get your message across.

The complexity of foreign language translations

Not everyone who speaks a second language can be considered a translator. It takes more than a bilingual tongue to truly offer translation services that you can rely on. Translators not only understand both languages involved, but they have in-depth familiarity with your industry, your audience, and cultural factors that are at play. When we provide foreign language translations, we don’t just replace one word for another. We make sure your message is accurately conveyed to your target audience exactly the way you intended.

No matter the language, no matter the medium

Our team of translators has an extensive background in most languages and industries. Our process begins with our having a discussion with you about your project and objectives. From that we can assign the best translator for the job. Once that translator is finished, we involve a second translator to serve as proofreader and editor. We then send the document back to the first translator to ensure we maintain a consistent message throughout. The end result is a translation you can rely on to be accurate and consistent with your intended message.