Metro Audio and Video is an industry-leading Japanese language translation services company based in New York, New York.  We offer high-quality professional Japanese translation services. Our professional Japanese translation specialists can help with all of your translation needs to communicate your message accurately.

Japanese translation and voice over project for Microflex produced by Metro AV


Japanese dialects

Japanese is an East Asian language spoken primarily in Japan, where it is the official language, and belongs to the Japonic (Japanese-Ryukyuan) family of languages. The Japanese language is quite diverse and has two main groups of dialects; Tōkyō-shiki and Keihan-shiki.  Metro Audio and Video has years of experience with Japanese translations and can help you select the most appropriate dialect for your project, depending on the region that your target audience resides in.

voice-over-microphone Listen to Japanese voice samples

How we can help with Japanese translations

Japanese translation services are often used in the medical, legal, marketing, financial and technical industries.  We can provide your company with the most efficient and effective way to communicate with your Japanese audience, no matter what industry you are looking to target.

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