Metro Audio and Video provides Korean translation services to a wide range of businesses located across the globe.  Our highly experienced Korean translation team will see to it that your message is communicated accurately and efficiently, wherever your audience is.

Korean translation and voice over project for Puma produced by Metro AV


Korean dialects

Korean is the official language of North and South Korea, as well the two official languages in China’s Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. This language is quite diverse and has various dialects. South Korea is based on the dialect of the area around Seoul, and the standard for North Korea is based on the dialect spoken around P’yŏngyang.

voice-over-microphone Listen to Korean voice samples

How we can help with Korean translations

As the number of Korean speaking communities increase, translation services will continue to be an important measure businesses will need to take in order to reach specific audiences in the medical, legal, marketing, financial and technical industries. Metro Audio and Video is highly experienced with Korean translations and can assist you as you plan and execute your next translation project. Our translation services have rapidly expanded as digital media changes the way we communicate globally. We understand your unique translation needs and provide proficient Korean translators to ensure your message is delivered accurately.

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