Life sciences translation

biotechCompanies involved in life sciences understand the importance of a clear message, free of misinterpretations. Oftentimes, a misinterpretation can lead to heavy lawsuits, and even unintended deaths. As companies in the life sciences industry (such as Biotech and Pharmaceutical) expand globally, the need for highly technical translations is steadily increasing. At Metro Audio and Video, we provide life science translation services that help these companies expand globally without fear of inaccurate translation or error.

Swedish translation and voice over for Bioventus recorded at Metro AV

Utilizing experts in the field

The field of life sciences involves highly technical and specific terminology not found elsewhere. As such, it’s not enough to enlist the help of a translator. Companies within this industry require specialized translations. Metro Audio and Video has a team of industry-specific translators well versed in the field of life sciences. Our specialized translators have in-depth knowledge of your specific field as well as the language of culture of your intended market.

By using these specialized translators, you can be assured that your translated documents convey your message accurately and clearly, thus removing any potential for misinterpretations.

We can provide life sciences translations in a variety of medium, including:

  • Manuals
  • Instructions for Use (IFU) documents
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Marketing materials
  • Consent forms for clinical trials
  • Questionnaires