Marketing translation services

Metro provides high quality translation services for the marketing industry. As companies expand their products and services across the globe, understanding how to properly advertise and market it to specific target markets is becoming ever so important.

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Metro has a large network of translators with advertising and marketing backgrounds. Our team understands the main goals of translating for this field; to captivate an audience and engage this audience in the process of buying the product or service.

To achieve these goals, a marketing translator will need to truly understand the client’s products or services. Preparation includes: a review of the English product, the website, any other reference material, and of course, a meeting with the end client to understand the goals that are wished to achieve. Many times a marketing translation project will require the translation and localization of pre-written text. For example, if a company has produced a commercial for the US, it is often a case a client wishes to present a similar commercial for another country. Normally, the translator will be asked to work with the English text, yet translate and localize it for the target market. This can be a little tricky, which is why we work with only the most skilled translators. Because much research had gone into the copywrite of the English text, the localized versions must not stray far from the original, yet, must still be translated in such a way that it acceptable to the target market, while at the same time paying close attention to specific target market verbiage as per the client’s request.

We would be glad to assist you with marketing translations of:

  • TV or radio commercials
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Sales videos
  • Trade show videos
  • Brochures
  • Print documentation
  • and many more!

The goal of a successful marketing translation is to get an audience to become engaged in your product or service that represents a brand that stands above your competition. A successful product leads to your name being respected as a reputable and innovative business in the marketplace. Metro is highly experienced with marketing translation and localization. Let us assist you to deliver your message to your target market.

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