Medical translation services

At Metro, we realize that an accurate professional medical translation requires paying close attention to detail to specific, uncommon words, as well as being able to know how to properly localized that term to be understood by medical professionals in the target language. We not only have years of experience translating medical documents and multimedia productions for the medical field, but we also truly understand the complexity and qualifications required for this task.


When a client comes to us with a document or video that they need localized, we understand the importance of an accurate translation that is culturally acceptable. As medical translations are considered one of the most highly skilled and complex translation fields, we screen out translators and employ only the highest educated and most skilled individuals with an extended background in the medical field. All of our translators specializing in medical translations are required to have a higher degree in medicine or a medical related field.

In many cases, translation of instructions and rare terminology can seem as an impossible task for a medical related product. Large responsibilities rest on the shoulders of companies in the medical field to provide quality products with clear instruction, direction and descriptions. In these situations, an accurate and high quality translation is the only translation acceptable; there is zero room for error. Following a translation, a strickt QA process is followed, including multiple stages of proofreading followed by a final review by another medical specialist.

At Metro, we understand the importance of a quality medical translation and are here to assist you for your needs.

Metro has been providing professional medical translation services to our clients’ for years in the following areas:

  • Clinical studies
  • Consent forms
  • Demonstration videos
  • Instruction manuals
  • Medical animations
  • Medical device and equipment
  • Medical transcripts
  • Patient questionnaires
  • And many more