Metro Audio and Video is an industry-leading Brazilian Portuguese translation company. We understand the importance of delivering a quality translation, on time, and as accurate as possible. To do this, we employ only the most skilled translators who are supervised by our in-house project management teams. If you are looking for Brazilian Portuguese translations for a local or international market, Metro can help.

Brazilian Portuguese translation and voice over project for Huck produced by Metro AV

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Brazilian Portuguese language

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, the largest country in South America. With approximately 200  million native speakers , almost all of Brazil’s population, Portuguese is  the seventh most spoken language in the world and the second most spoken language in South America and Latin America.

voice-over-microphone Listen to Brazilian Portuguese voice samples

How we can help

As the needs are expanding for Brazilian Portuguese communication in the business world, so are the requirements of translation for the technical, marketing, legal, medical, financial and government fields. To compete at a high level in the global market place, your translation must clear, concise, consistent and localized for the target market. When seeking out a reputable translation company for your translation and localization needs, it is imperative that you select a company that understands your product, its target market, and your goals as the end client. Your source files will always be translated by a professional native speaker to ensure the highest quality translation fit for its viewers.  At Metro, we realize that an accurate Brazilian Portuguese translation and can be the driving force behind a successful business.

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