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European Portuguese

Portuguese is an umbrella term that includes certain language variants, including Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese (also known as Lusitanian Portuguese).  European Portuguese is spoken in Portugal as well as on the islands of Azores and Madeira. It is the standard on which the Portuguese language is spoken in East Timor and Macau (China).

To understand the differences between European Portuguese and other dialects, one need only look to American English vs. British or Australian English. While these three languages all fall under “English,” they each possess difference rules for grammar, pronunciation, idioms, spelling and more. When targeting a market that speaks European Portuguese, it’s important that you translate your projects accordingly. Using a translation that’s intended for a Brazilian market could do more harm than good.

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Accurate translations in any medium or industry

At Metro, our team of European Portuguese translators understands the subtle differences within the language. There are, in fact, variations between northern Portugal and the rest of the Portuguese-speaking world. Our translators determine your exact audience and tailor your translations to their specific dialect and cultural nuances.
We can provide European Portuguese translations for nearly any industry, including legal, medical, financial, marketing and more. Whether you need translations for a document, video, audio recording or web-based project, we have a solid team of translators who will provide you a precise translation that conveys your message accurately.

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