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European Spanish translation and voice over project for Corel produced by Metro AV


European Spanish

European Spanish is the official language spoken in Spain. It is also known as Castilian Spanish. Regardless of how it is identified, it is one of the worlds most popular languages and is part of the Ibero-Romance group of languages. European Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and is used as an official language by the European Union. Because of the importance of European Spanish across the globe,  there is a rapidly growing need for European Spanish translation services for TV, radio, presentations, DVD’s, elearning and the web.  Metro Audio and Video can help you with all of your European Spanish translation needs.

European Spanish is part of the Indo-European family of languages, which is spoken by more than a third of the world’s population.  It is estimated that by the year 2050, the United States will become the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.

voice-over-microphone Listen to European Spanish voice samples

Catalan spoken in Spain

Catalan is also spoken in Spain, and many people confuse it with European Spanish. Catalan is the second most spoken language of the region, after Spanish. It is the most spoken language in many comarques of Catalonia, with the exception of the Barcelona metropolitan area and Camp de Tarragona.

voice-over-microphone Listen to Catalan voice samples

Translation services have become quite popular as businesses across the world try to reach European Spanish speaking audiences. Metro is experienced with both European Spanish translations and Catalan translations and can help you select the most appropriate translation for your project, based on the region where your target audience resides.

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