Video Translation Services

vidTranslating videos is absolutely necessary if you hope to expand your message to a wider audience. Metro Audio and Video is a leading provider of video translations and captions/subtitles. We use our state-of-the-art production studio, located in the heart of NYC, to create high-quality video translations in more than 130 different languages.

Our translations are performed by professional translators who do more than just substitute one word for another. They capture the cultural nuances of your video content and make sure that your message is accurately portrayed to your intended market. Beyond an expertise in your desired language, our team of translators is made up of experts in a variety of industry fields, such as medical, technology, finance, government, education, marketing, legal and more.

Translations and more

Our video translation services can be combined with other related services, such as captions and subtitling, or you can choose to just have your content translated. No matter your choice, at Metro we have the engineers, equipment, and experienced translators capable of providing you a finished product that looks and sounds flawless.

We’re fortunate to work with such a wide range of voice-over talent, meaning we can match your video to the appropriate voice. It’s not just the content of your message that’s important, but the way that message is delivered. At Metro, we’ll make sure you get your point across, no matter what language and culture you’re looking to target.