Website translation Services

web transYour website is accessible to anyone with Internet connectivity – from New York to New Delhi. This means that you have the capability of winning over customers throughout the world. But in order to win over customers in a foreign market, you need to speak their language. Metro Audio & Video is an NYC-based website translation service company with a team of translators able to translate your site into more than 130 languages.

Speak the languages of your global market

The best way to win trust and loyalty is to speak the languages of your global market. This means developing alternative, translated websites for each market you intend on targeting. While you may be inclined to use online translation tools to handle the task, you do so at great risk. Translating websites to foreign markets requires far more than a word-for-word exchange. Your website conveys a certain message. It contains a particular voice. In order to truly maintain the consistency of your message and voice, you need the work of trained, human translators.

A proper translation takes more than knowing two languages. Each region of the world has its own dialects and cultural beliefs. And each industry has its own set of terms and vocabulary. At Metro, we team you up with one of our translators with an expertise in your industry as well as the regions you’re expanding to. For each market you hope to reach, we provide you an expert in that field, thus ensuring your translated website doesn’t come across as inauthentic or stale. We make sure your final, translated message is the same as the one you originally created.

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