No longer is the translation industry rooted in just word-to-word communication. In this world of gadgets, technology and innovation, the translation industry has shifted toward a multimedia focus, including the translation, dubbing, and subtitling of videos, online content and graphics.

Multimedia localization isn’t a fad – it’s a pivotal part of any modern translation process.

Localization is Tricky.

Why is Metro a perfect partner for translation agencies?

Being able to provide flawless and high-quality multimedia localization requires the expertise and equipment that Metro Audio/Video has. As a global leader in this highly specified and technical aspect of translation, Metro is perfectly suited to complement your translation needs so that you can provide your clients with a complete and modernized translation service.

The Cost of Providing Multimedia Localization

Your immediate response might be to provide this service in-house, but consider all of the costs associated with this notion:These days it’s not a question of if you provide multimedia localization, but how you provide it. Any translation agency looking to remain competitive in this market needs to offer complete, 21st century translation services to its clients. But how can your agency offer these multimedia services?

  • The cost of setting up a studio (even a small one) is astronomical. Can your agency truly afford this commitment?
  • A studio is worthless unless you have a recording engineer capable of running it. Where will you find this resource, and how will you afford it?
  • You can’t find just any engineer. Your engineer needs to be specially trained to properly record and dub foreign languages. This takes years of training and hands-on experience.
  • You need a subtitling engineer fluent in both English and a foreign language. If you plan to offer more than just one foreign language, you need several subtitling engineers.

And don’t forget the localization of graphics

The costs associated with establishing your own studio haven’t even factored in the costs of a graphics and e-learning localization expert. Your localization staff needs a graphics engineer and e-learning localization engineer who are experts in foreign language fonts, and who understand the complexity and nuances of translating text.

It goes beyond translating words. These experts are skilled at finding a solution that recreates the text in a way that’s suitable for the video or recording. This requires an expertise in software and aesthetics, in addition to language.

Just because you have a computer doesn’t make you an engineer

We’ve been in this industry for a long time … long enough to know that many translation agencies look to their voice over talents to offer multimedia localization. Why not? The talent is providing the translation anyways. He says he has a home studio. How difficult can it be to add his voice to a video?

Simply put – very difficult.

  • There is a precision and technical expertise required to editing audio and properly syncing recordings to a video.
  • There’s a reason engineers spend years, and thousands of dollars, attending school to master this skill.
  • There’s a reason professional recordings are done in studios, and not done in someone’s basement.
  • While do-it-yourselfers can get by for their YouTube videos, the content you provide your clients requires a more refined approach to production. Trusting your work in the hands of an amateur will only end with unprofessional results.

Metro Audio and VideoMetro Audio/Video – offering you the complete localization package

Professionalism. Expertise. Translations tied with technology. This is what Metro Audio/Video offers you. Our state-of-the-art recording studio located in NYC is outfitted with the most advanced technologies in the recording industry. Couple that with our team of translation experts and engineers, and what you have is the solution to all your multimedia needs.

  • Our studio can handle any project your clients require
  • Our engineers are trained specifically to record and dub foreign languages
  • All of our subtitling engineers are bilingual
  • Our graphics and e-learning engineers are masters of language and software

All of our recordings are done within our studio, by professional voice over talents. Each project is overseen and edited by our linguistic team and engineers. At Metro, you don’t just get translations. You don’t just get recordings. You get a guarantee that your clients’ projects are completed precisely and professionally.

Don’t trust your work to amateurs. Don’t overspend your budget by attempting to offer multimedia localization services in-house. At Metro we are an established multimedia localization firm with the studio and staff ready to help your translation agency remain competitive.

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