Metro Audio and Video provides professional and affordable Italian voice over services. Metro is a translation and voice over services company located in New York City and has been delivering top quality Italian voice over production services for nearly 14 years.

Italian is spoken by an estimated 125 million people worldwide

Italian is a Romance language spoken mainly in Europe, specifically in Italy. However, it is also spoken in small sections of Switzerland, Malta, Monaco, Croatia, and Slovenia.
Italian is the mother tongue of around 59 million people in the Europe, mostly in Italy, and as a second language by 14 million. Because of the vast number of Italian speakers, for many businesses across the globe, being able to communicate with an Italian audience is extremely important.

Italian voice over for Microsoft recorded at Metro AV

How we help with Italian voice overs

Our Italian voice over talent have many years of experience dubbing for television, radio, presentations, sales and marketing material, elearning courses and web media.  A voice over project manager at Metro Audio and Video can help you select the best professional Italian voice  for your projects needs.

Italian voice over for Gibson recorded at Metro AV

voice-over-microphone Listen to Italian voice over samples:

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