Our Voice Over Studio

Metro Audio & Video is a fully furnished voice-over studio located in the heart of NYC. Our studio is outfitted with the latest technologies, and staffed with engineers who are leading professionals in the field of both English and foreign language voice over recordings. At Metro, we not only provide you with the finest recordings for your project.We are fully set up for recording multimedia localization and will ensure your message reaches your audience, no matter where they may be.

img-gall1 studio1

Your voice-over project doesn’t just rely on the voice talent. Professional recordings deliver your message in a high-quality final product, helping you make the impact you deserve.  All of our recordings are produced using broadcast quality, thus ensuring optimal playback quality. Our studio features:

  • Three vocal booths designed for localization production
  • Three LCD monitors in each vocal booth for lip-syncstudio3
  • Mackie Consoles
  • Neumann U 87, Senheiser, AKG, and microphones
  • Pro Tools/Vegas
  • Peak/Sound Forge
  • Various effects processors

We can provide your final recordings in just about any audio file format, or HD video specification.

The way that your message is delivered greatly affects its impact on your audience. We make sure your recordings are flawless and appropriate for your intended market.