Metro Audio and Video is an industry-leading Swedish voice over services company. Our Swedish voice talents are some of the best in the industry who specialize in dubbing for television, radio, presentations, sales and marketing material, elearning courses and web media.

Speakers of Swedish

Swedish is a North Germanic language, spoken by approximately 10 million people, predominantly in Sweden and parts of Finland, where it has equal legal standing with Finnish. It is currently the largest of the North Germanic languages by numbers of speakers.

Standard Swedish, used by most Swedish people, is the national language that evolved from the Central Swedish dialects in the 19th century and was well established by the beginning of the 20th century. While distinct regional varieties descended from the older rural dialects still exist, the spoken and written language is uniform and standardized.

Swedish voice over for Bioventus recorded at Metro AV

How we help with Swedish voice overs

As the popularity of the Swedish language increases, voice over services have become a necessity for businesses that are trying to reach Swedish speaking audiences from across the world and from different industries such as medical, legal, marketing, financial and technical. Metro Audio and Video has extensive experience with voice productions in the Swedish language and can help you select the most appropriate voice for your specific audience. We can provide your company with the most effective way to communicate to your target market.

voice-over-microphone Listen to Swedish voice over samples:

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