What does it take to be one of the top multimedia translation companies?

Flawless accuracy?


Affordable pricing?

Many years of experience?

We’re aware that it takes all of these things and more… which is why time after time we far surpass our clients’ expectations.

Welcome to Metro AV. We’re one of the highest rated and top multimedia translation companies out there.

At Metro AV, we have a pool of skilled translators from around the world who provide translation services in all languages… over 125 actually! If you’re reading this, then you surely know that today’s business climate is a global one. If you want to reach your target audiences, you have to translate your message into the appropriate languages. Our translators not only do this for you, but they also understand the unique challenges of your industry. We have specialists in every niche to ensure that you work with someone who really understands what you do.

We also know that most businesses aren’t just looking for simple document translation. That’s why we take our services a step further, and provide translation for any purpose – voice over, subtitling, e-learning localization, websites, print, video games – anything you can think of!

Just take a glance below at some of things our translators can do for your business:

Technical Translation >Technical Translation Services: Whether you need something translated for the engineering, medical or other technical field, our specialists can help you convert your message and use a solid understanding of your industry to accurately recreate your material.

Marketing Translation >Marketing Translation Services: Don’t let your creative talent go to waste! Literal translations aren’t always the best if you’re looking to convert your marketing collateral. That’s why our marketing translators are adept in making sure your branding message stays intact—no matter what language you need it in!

Legal Translation >Legal Translation Services: When it comes to legalese, you need a translator with the legal background to accurately convert material. We know the details matter, especially in this industry! That’s why Metro’s legal translators have a legal background to ensure your message comes across precisely.

Medical Translation >Medical Translation Services: Accuracy is key in the medical field, so our translators take special care to ensure that your material is precisely converted. We know how important medical information is, so we retain only the best translators with medical backgrounds to transfer your language.

Financial Translation >Financial Translation Services: With world trade growing, it’s imperative to reach all cultures. Our translators with financial backgrounds not only know about the economy—they can help ensure your message is properly converted so others do, too.

Government Translation >Government Translation Services: We understand that reaching residents in their communities is vital for local governments to succeed in building a strong society.

Life Sci. Translation >Life Sciences Translation Services: We specialize in translation for the Life Sciences industry offering a variety of services for clinical studies, regulatory material, packaging and any other field related material.

Manufacturing Translation >Manufacturing Translation Services: Our top level language experts specialize in the translation and localization of operating manuals, patent applications, sales training seminars, policy manuals, reports, marketing campaigns and other projects within the manufacturing industry.

Oil and Gas Translation >Oil and Gas Translation Services: Our top level language experts specialize in the translation and localization of user, installation and operation manuals for drilling platforms, drilling expedition reports, seismic studies, installation data, legal contracts associated with drilling and pipeline installation and other projects within the oil and gas industry.

Corporate Translation >Corporate Translation Services: As corporations of all sizes expand offices to provide services to their global clients, the need for translated corporate material has became ever so important. Our team of expert translators specialize in everything from medical to financial and anything in between.

Document Translation >Document Translation Services: No matter how “paperless” our society strives to become, documents are still very much at the core of your business operations. From marketing materials, contracts, manuals, court papers  – you spend a lot of time and energy on your company’s documents – and when expanding into foreign markets, it’s important that you take careful consideration of the translation of these documents.

Website Translation >Website Translation Services: Your website is accessible to anyone with Internet connectivity – from New York to New Delhi. This means that you have the capability of winning over customers throughout the world. But in order to win over customers in a foreign market, you need to speak their language.

Interested in working with one of the top multimedia translation companies?

Here’s how we’ll handle your project:

  • We’ll speak with you (either on the phone or via email) to understand your requirements. We will then organize your project objectives. At this point, we’ll ask you to provide us with any glossary or reference material.
  • Next, we’ll assign your project to the appropriate translator. He or she will complete a draft of the translation.
  • A second translator will then proofread the draft and provide any necessary edits. The draft will be sent back to the first translator to ensure consistency.
  • If necessary, a typesetter will lay out your translations.
  • You will receive the draft and review it. If you have feedback, you will give it back to us and we will work to get it right.

Can you see now why we’re one of the top multimedia translation companies?

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