It takes more than just a good voice. Here at Metro Audio & Video, we know it’s not just the words that are spoken – it’s the way they’re spoken. That’s why we only employ the most talented voice actors in the world to convey your messages. All of our talents are experts in projecting their voices with clarity, strength and consistency.

Our Selective Screening Process

Before they are hired, each voice actor must pass our selective screening process which focuses on accent, tone and diction as well as professionalism. Our thorough screening ensures that you are matched with a native-speaking voice that’s just right for the project at hand. Voice acting is, after all, a profession – not a hobby. This is why many of our talents are top New York City Broadway and screen actors who have professional voice performance training. In addition, we have a vast database of talents from around the globe, each of whom has extensive experience and can deliver projects in native accents.

Specialists In Every Industry

If you’re looking for a voice actor with knowledge and pronunciation understanding of technical terms relating to a particular industry, we’re able to provide you with a selection of talents to choose from. Sales, marketing, television, radio, web media and e-learning are just a very few of the areas our actors specialize in. We can ensure that any voice talent you pick will be the perfect representation of both you and your message.

Any Language You Need

Even more impressive is the fact that we offer over 125 languages for you to choose from.

Once a voice actor is chosen, both a production engineer and a language professional will oversee your project from start to finish to ensure flawless quality.

At Metro AV, we’re 100% committed to providing you with the best voice talent for any specific need. Contact us today and let us know how we can help add excellence to your project.