Many misconceptions are attributed to what it takes to becoming a voice actor.  The ability to speak in several accents, or being able to adapt one’s voice in various ways, is not the skills that make a successful voice actor. In fact, while these skills can help, they pale in comparison to the many other attributes and accomplishments we seek when hiring voice actors.

voice overs = localization = inflection + translation.

We’ll tell you this: It’s more than an “accent”

We hire voice talent.

As an industry leader in providing voice-over and dubbing services for worldwide clients, we have a large pool of voice actors with whom we work in order to deliver high-quality recordings.

We know voice talent.

And because of our success, we’re often solicited by individuals believing they have what it takes to become voice actors. However, a professional voice actor requires more than the passion and a voice.

Our screeening process.

Our screening process is extremely thorough and selective. It has to be in order for us to continue providing our clients with quality voice-related recordings and projects that meet their expectations.

So, what do we look for in voice actors?

1. Passion.

When hiring voice actors for our projects, we work only with trained individuals who have a passion for this career. While many people view voice acting as a “quick stopover” on their way to becoming an established on-screen actor, we prefer to work with voice talent that have a passion for what they do.

2. It’s Not a Stepping Stone… It’s a Career.

Actors looking at this profession as a step toward “something bigger” typically don’t provide the quality of work we, and our clients, demand, thus they don’t fit our needs.

3. Can You Play The Part?

That being said, voice acting is, in fact, acting. One doesn’t need to be in front of a camera in order to act. Voice acting requires an individual to fit the role that the script dictates, whether that role is as a narrator of a documentary, commercial or as a character for a cartoon. uch

4. Do You Have Vocal Strength?

It also requires the ability of a person to project their voice and clearly enunciate their delivered words. As such, when we look for voice actors, we oftentimes find ourselves working with stage actors, including actors with extensive Broadway experience.

Stage Actors as Voice Actors

Seasoned stage actors possess all of the qualities we look for in voice actors. They know how to use their voice as a tool. They are trained and practiced in the art of character acting, and they demonstrate the drive and devotion toward their chosen craft. Making a career as a stage actor is not easy, nor is establishing a career as a voice actor. Individuals who have proven their ability to dedicate their lives to what it is they love make valued members of our team. While not all of our voice actors hail from Broadway, many of our most sought after talent do.

Busting the misconceptions of voice acting

Voice acting is not about your voice. Say WHA?

Here are two common statements we hear from people hoping to break into voice acting:

  1. I’m always told I have a great voice, should I do commercials or cartoons?
  2. I can do a ton of impressions. That’s what makes me a good voice actor, right?

But here’s the truth – voice acting is not about your voice. It’s about how you use your voice to deliver a message, emotion, or attitude. That includes not only the words you say, but also how you say them.

Your “natural” skill outweighs training and experience. NOPE.

That’s why we’re so selective it comes to choosing our voice actors. No one is born into this profession. Sure, you may have a voice made for recording, but it takes far more experience and training on your part before we can even consider you a potential asset for our team.

Do you have what it takes to be a member of our voice actor team?

We look for more than just the voice.

We look for trained and seasoned actors who know how to convey emotion and deliver a message, regardless of the project at hand.

Do you think you have what it takes to be one of our professional voice actors? Contact us now to start our selective screening process.