Voice Over Demos

We provide voice overs in 150+ languages and have a large library of voice talents. Contact us for additional languages and samples.

Explore Our Most Popular Voice Over Demos

At Metro Audio and Video, we understand the power of the spoken word in conveying emotion, intention, and clarity. Our voice over demos below showcase a diverse array of talented voices from around the world, each capable of bringing your message to life in its unique way. Whether you’re seeking a voice that exudes confidence, warmth, authority, or any other specific tone, our extensive collection ensures you find the perfect match for your project. Click on the languages below to explore the range, caliber, and versatility of our voice talents and discover the perfect voice for your brand, message, or story.

*Need a language that’s not listed below? Or do you need additional samples of our popular languages? We provide voice overs more than 150 languages and have an extensive library of voice talents. Contact us for more samples!