Connect with your customers in 150 languages.

Our industry-specific translators will bring your project to life across the globe.

Grow your international brand with our high quality translation services.

Let’s face it — today’s business climate is truly global. In order to reach your target audience and to connect to your international employees, you’ve got to put things in everyone’s languages. Because lingo varies, Metro Audio and Video is a full-service translation firm with a highly qualified team of translators who not only know how to convert a message, but they understand the unique challenges of your industry as well.

We provide translation services for any purpose — voice overs, subtitiling, e-learning materials, websites, print, video games — you name it! 

If you’re not familiar with the translation process, it’s important to understand that no translation is complete without localization. You see, every language has its own specific dialects, social conventions, cultural norms and legal standards. Translators must understand these in order to provide accurate and acceptable translations to your target market. Rest assured that all of our translators are immersed within their native country’s culture, even if they’re living abroad. We ensure that your translations are localized so that they’re engaging to the people you’re trying to reach.

"Metro Audio & Video is the best translation service I have ever dealt with. Their prices are affordable and working with them is a pleasure. Emails are responded to very quickly and translations are returned on-time. The process goes very smoothly from beginning to end. My only regret is not discovering them sooner!"

Gabriel Soffer, English Language Development Teacher at Renaissance Academy Charter School

We provide language solutions for all industries.


Our technical translators have backgrounds in engineering and are trained in automotive terminology. They specialize in the translation and localization of commercials, service videos, online manuals and catalogs, marketing materials and more.

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corporate marketing

Literal translations aren’t always the best if you’re looking to convert your marketing collateral. That’s why our marketing translators are adept in making sure your branding message stays intact — no matter what language you need it in! 

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Quizzes, tests, games, videos, animations, audio, graphics – No matter what your course consists of, we can handle all of it. E-learning software such as Articulate, Lectura and customized Flash are just a few of our specialties. 

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With world trade growing, it’s imperative to reach all cultures. Our translators with financial backgrounds not only know about the economy—they can help ensure your message is properly converted so others do, too.

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We understand that reaching residents in their communities is vital for local governments to succeed in building a strong society.

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When it comes to legalese, you need a translator with the legal background to accurately convert material. Our translators have a legal background to ensure your message comes across precisely.

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Our top level language experts specialize in the translation and localization of operating manuals, patent applications, sales training seminars, policy manuals, reports, marketing campaigns and other projects within the manufacturing industry.

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We help you plan and execute a comprehensive game localization strategy so that all aspects of your game are appropriate, and effective, for your international audience.

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Accuracy is key in the medical field, so we retain only the best translators with medical backgrounds to transfer your language.

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Life Sciences

We specialize in translation for the Life Sciences industry offering a variety of services for clinical studies, regulatory material, packaging and any other field related material.

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OIL & gas

We’ve worked on every type of oil and gas translation project, including user, installation and operation manuals for drilling platforms, drilling expedition reports, seismic studies, installation data, and legal contracts associated with drilling and pipeline installation.

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We have the resources and expertise to help your website speak to a global audience.

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