We offer over 125 languages for voice-overs

It’s not just the words that carry a message – it’s the way they’re spoken. So, retaining top voice over talent is key to creating your message. At Metro Audio and Video, we maintain a large database of voice over specialists.

Featured Talent

Reynaldo Infante
Rey – LA Spanish
Heike – German
Yoshi – Japanese
Claire – French

Metro Audio and Video

What makes Metro stand out against the competition?

Localization ServicesA focus on localization. Our company works with the world’s top voice talents and linguists, and has become a leading company specializing in the localization of multimedia. Localization is key; mere translation is not good enough.

Featured Project: DropBoxRange of Projects. Whether it’s for a TV or radio commercial, DVD, tradeshow, web presentation, training video, or elearning course, our staff of production professionals can help you reach your targeted audience within your budget requirements.

Voice Over ServicesExperience. We’ve worked with clients large and small in every industry—with exceptional results. Let us do the same for you!