Irish Voice Overs

Looking for an Irish voice over talent or an Irish accent? Use the Irish voice over samples below to get a range of our vocal talent. We also offer Irish-English translation, localization, casting, dubbing, narration and subtitling services.

Our Irish Voice Overs

At Metro Audio and Video, we have a team of professional Irish voice over artists who can help you deliver your message effectively and authentically. Our Irish voice over services are designed to cater to a wide range of industries, including advertising, e-learning, animation, gaming, and much more. We have a deep understanding of the Irish language, culture, and traditions, which allows us to provide accurate and culturally relevant voice overs that resonate with your target audience.

Our team of Irish voice over artists are native speakers who have a keen sense of tone, pacing, and inflection. This allows them to deliver your message in a natural and engaging way. We also have a rigorous quality control process that ensures the final product is of the highest quality.

 We offer competitive pricing and quick turnaround times, so you can get your Irish voice overs completed on time and within budget. Contact us today to learn more!

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What ARE the Differences Between English Voice Actor Accents?

To help you get an idea about the type of English voice actor you may need for your project, we’ve put together some general facts about English accents around the world.

FAQs About Our Irish Voice Overs

Is Irish English different from British English?

When it comes to everyday language, Irish English contains several distinctive grammar and vocabulary structures that set it apart from British or American English.


How do I begin the process of hiring an Irish voice over artist?

To get started, all you need to do is get in touch with us and let us know about your project, including the content type, target audience, and intended purpose of the voice over. Based on this information, we’ll present you with demo reels from our talented pool of Irish voice over artists, who we believe will be a perfect match for your project. Additionally, if you need assistance with Irish casting, we’re happy to take care of that for you as well.

What's the turnaround time for getting Irish voice overs completed?

Several factors impact the completion time for Irish voice overs. These include script length, project complexity, and artist availability. However, we prioritize efficiency without compromising quality to complete all voice over projects promptly. We understand that our clients often operate under tight deadlines, and we strive to accommodate their requirements.

How do I ensure that the tone and style of the voice over match my project?

We take great care to ensure that the tone and style of the voice over matches your project. Here’s how we do it:

Project Brief: We start by gathering as much information as possible about the project, including the intended audience, purpose, and overall tone. This helps us to understand your expectations and requirements.

Voice Casting: We have a wide pool of talented and professional Irish voice over artists with a range of styles. You can choose the artist for your project, or we can choose one for you. We carefully select the most suitable voice over artist based on your requirements, the script, and the intended audience.

Recording and Direction: During the recording session, our team provides direction to the voice over artist to ensure that the tone and style match the client’s expectations. We make sure that the voice over artist’s performance is consistent with the intended message, and we provide guidance on intonation, pacing, and delivery.

Editing and Post-Production: Once the recording is complete, our team of editors and sound engineers ensure that the final audio file is of high quality and matches your requirements. We carefully edit the recording and can add music, sound effects, or other elements as needed.


Irish English

Irish English is a unique dialect of English spoken on the island of Ireland. It has its own distinct pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary that differ from standard British or American English. Irish English is heavily influenced by the Irish language, which has left its mark on the dialect in various ways. Despite its unique features, Irish English is still widely understood by speakers of other varieties of English.

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Ready To Get Started On Your Irish Voice Over Project?

Our goal at Metro Audio and Video is to provide Irish voice overs that exceed your expectations. Our team is made up of talented Irish voice over artists, translators, engineers, and project managers who work collaboratively to ensure that your project is executed with the utmost care, accuracy, and professionalism.

We understand that each project has unique requirements, and we take the time to understand your particular needs and preferences. Get in touch with us today to discover more about our services and begin your next voice over project with us!

We Offer Irish English Translation Services and More!

If you’re seeking to extend the reach of your business or organization to Ireland, we have the perfect solution for you. Our comprehensive language services are designed to meet your specific requirements, and our team of skilled professionals provides unmatched Irish voice overs, translation, localization,  dubbing, narration, and subtitling services.

All of our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, whether you require marketing materials to be translated, a website to be localized, or a voice over for a corporate video. Our team has the expertise to deliver exceptional results that will assist you in achieving your goals in the Irish market.