The most personal way to connect is through localization.

As your one-stop localization provider, we'll help you connect with your customers and employees, no matter where they're located.

Through localization, we’ll make your words engaging to anyone, anywhere in the world.

You’re spending a great deal of time, resources and money to make your product amazing. Obviously, you want it to be a success. But what if we told you that without localization, it might not be?

Every language has its own specific dialects, social conventions, cultural norms and legal standards that must be followed in order to be accurate and acceptable. Localization means adapting a translation so people who live in a certain location can understand it. For example, if people in Panama are being presented with an ad, which was translated and recorded in Mexican Spanish, they may not understand your message.

And there’s even worse news. Let’s just say you used humor, slang or sarcasm in the ad. Some cultures don’t use or understand any of these things within their local dialects. In fact, sometimes a lack of localization can lead to the audience finding the material offensive!

In a nutshell, those are the bad things that can happen when you don’t use localization for your product. Here at Metro Audio and Video, we ensure that those bad things never happen, so you can sit back and watch as we help make your product a success.

You have global ambitions.
We’ll help you achieve them.



We pair you with a translator from the country or region where your product will be used.


Our localization team consists of experts in culture, dialect, and nuance who specialize in the translation and localization of documents, audio, video, and multimedia.



Our localization services include researching your target audience as well as the language dialects and cultural norms that they are familiar with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can localization lead to more sales for my company?

Yes it can. In today’s global economy, language is a driving factor in developing ongoing relationships with clients and consumers.

Is localization limited to just text translation?

The localization process includes, but is not limited to, translating text, adapting graphics and changing data and technical terminology of a product. A final product that has been accurately localized may look and feel different from its English counterpart to some degree.

What does your localization process look like?

• We start by assessing the material you send us, including existing documents, previous translations, or translation memory files.
• We evaluate the tools and resources required for localization.
• We perform a cultural, linguistic and technical assessment.
• We research the cultural norms and nuances of your target market.
• We analyze acceptable versus unacceptable terminology used in your source.
• We translate documents, scripts, graphics and any other aspects of your project.
• We provide linguistic and functional quality assurance.