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Did you know that 67% of people online aren’t native English speakers? If you’re trying to reach a global audience with your product or service, the videos on your website must speak naturally to the people watching them. While you might be inclined to use an online translation or subtitling tool to handle the task, beware! Translating website videos to foreign markets requires far more than a word-for-word exchange. Your website videos convey a certain message. They contain a particular voice. In order to truly maintain the consistency of your message and voice, you need the work of trained, human translators.

Proper video translations, voice overs and subtitles take more than knowing two languages. Each region of the world has its own dialects and cultural beliefs. And each industry has its own set of terms and vocabulary. At Metro Audio and Video, we team you up with a translator who has expertise in your specific industry as well as in the regions you’re expanding to. We make sure your final, translated message is the same as the one you originally created.